ventolin inhaler

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ventolin inhaler

What is ventolin:

Ventolin, also called Albuterol, is a medicine used for treating breathing complications in patients who suffer from breathing diseases or asthma. It can also be used to treat breathing problems that emanate from heavy physical exercise.

The Ventolin aerosol relieves wheezing, shortness of breath, coughs and troubled breathing. After inhalation through the mouth, it relaxes the smooth muscles in the airways allowing air to flow in and out of the lungs more efficiently.

Ventolin comes in both solution and powder forms. Though they are different in how you load them into an inhaler, they should both be inhaled orally and not through the nose. The composition of both the powder and the solution are similar, so there aren't any differences in the results that you get with either. Always use the right amount of either the powder or the solution in the inhaler to avoid an overdose or an under-dose. The instructions should be in the leaflet that comes with the package.

This aerosol should only be used as prescribed by a medical practitioner, though many people still use it without a prescription. The dosage of this drug varies widely in different patients. The amount you inhale depends on the strength of the medicine that you buy. However, other factors such as the duration between doses and the length of time that you are supposed to take the drug for depend on the medical condition that calls for the use of Ventolin.

For the prevention of bronchospasm, you can take two puffs every 4 - 6 hours. If you're taking Ventolin for prevention of breathing problems caused by exercise, take two puffs about 20 minutes before you start exercising. When giving Ventolin to a child under four years, always consult a doctor first.

After buying Ventolin, always prime the inhaler before use. To do this, spray a few puffs into the air. This cleans the nozzle allowing you to use the inhaler more efficiently.

Some substances that may interact with Ventolin include diuretics, beta blockers (like propanol), antidepressants and digoxin.